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Reviews Unveiled – Colombia in the Spotlight: Startups Edition was a refreshing blog to read. The website is a testament to the dedication of a Colombian student at SFU who is on a mission to shine a spotlight on the fashion startup scene in Colombia.

The strength of Reviews Unveiled lies in its compelling content. The narrative showcases hardworking Colombian entrepreneurs, embodying their passion and creativity. The personal touch provided by Sofia, who proudly owns products from nearly all the featured brands, adds authenticity and credibility to the reviews. Each brand is introduced with a detailed background, highlighting their story and how they came to be. The content not only informs but also educates the audience about the rich entrepreneurial landscape in Colombia.

Reviews Unveiled has high marketability to its intended audience due to the style of content it produces. It highlights each brand’s successes and what makes them stand out compared to others. I think it’s so important to highlight what each brand does differently than others because this sets them apart in the market. Sofia does a great job at bringing awareness to that in her content. Sofia includes prices and shares each brand’s philosophy and strategy. Sofia does such a deep dive into the brand, sharing everything you need to know, and bringing as much attention as she can.

I think her blog posts could use images to help showcase all the design choices from each startup. Especially since this blog is bringing awareness to different companies, including images would help bring more recognition and attention from the intended audience.

Something I love is her inclusion of links to each company’s website and socials. Links provide a direct and convenient way for users to access additional information. If your review sparks interest in the reader, a clickable link allows them to explore the website, product, or service you’re discussing without having to search separately. Links provide an interactive element to your content and encourage users to explore further, leading to increased engagement.

The site’s design is very easy to navigate. I love all the images on the home page as it captures the Columbian aesthetic. I also like the feature on the home page where you continue to scroll for more information in between the large blocks of images. The colour scheme, predominantly featuring warm and earthy tones resonates well with the theme of showcasing Colombian creativity.

Sofia could use Gertz’s article, “Design Machines. How to survive in the digital Apocalypse”, to learn more about the digital space and how it affects all these brands. It can help her analyze each company’s digital presence and how that intertwines with their audience. Gertz’s perspectives may help Sofia in examining how these startups utilize design elements, digital strategies, and user experience to enhance their visibility and connect with their target audience in the digital space. The digital apocalypse, as Gertz describes it, signifies the rapid and transformative changes in the digital landscape. Sofia can draw comparisons between Gertz’s insights and the marketing strategies used by Colombian startups. How do these startups adapt to the digital challenges, and how does their digital presence align with their marketing goals? Gertz’s article could provide Sofia with a framework for evaluating the effectiveness of each startup’s approach.

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