• suyo restaurant on main street


    Dear Diary, My mom is from Peru, so I have grown up in the Peruvian culture my whole life. I was lucky enough to visit every year, so I am quite familiar with Peruvian food. However, I was a picky brat kid who couldn’t stand the food. That’s so embarassing but I was just a silly kid ok don’t blame me. Now that my taste has matured, I can appreciate many more cuisines. I’ve been wanting to try Peruvian food again to give it another shot, but I’ve realized that Vancouver is very deprived of this cuisine. Whenever I go places I’m always shocked to see Peruvian restaurants, since it…

  • nook restaurant shipyards location


    Dear Diary, The other night I went to Nook with my friends. We were craving some good pasta and we’ve all never been there before and wanted to try it out. Location: They have amazing locations. They are in such prime areas such as Kitsilano, Shipyards, Science World, Downtown Vancouver, etc. We went to Shipyards that night! I love the Shipyards area so this location was perfect for us. Service: I’m not going to lie it wasn’t good. Nobody checked in to see how we liked our drinks or food. I feel like this is one of the most basic things you can do. We had to ask people walking…

  • joey burnaby location

    JOEY Burnaby

    Dear Diary, I’m going to be reviewing the one and only Joey Burnaby. Fun fact: I do work here so this is going to be the most honest and factual review there is. Location: Mixed emotions. It’s in a good location in regards to being in a restaurant-heavy area. However, that does mean there is a lot of competition. Also, NOBODY CAN EVER FIND IT. There are no signs and it is literally in a mall. It is extremely invisible. Tell me who decided this. More people would come here if it was actually accessible. No joke people complain about this every single day, YET NOTHING CHANGES??? The parking lot…

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