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Process Post #10

I mentioned a while back how I created an Instagram page. I wasn’t sure where my direction would go with that, but recently I’ve figured it out. I want my blog to be my main channel, but I want the Instagram page to reinforce it, and be used as a different outlet to showcase similar content. I’m aiming to make a blog post about a specific topic, and then make an Instagram post that visually captures what I wrote about. It’s a different form of expression that I’ve been enjoying. For example, I made a blog post about the show Grey’s Anatomy, and I made a post on my Instagram featuring the show’s aesthetic. It’s a different point of view than my long, detailed blog. This short form content will allow people to see a different outlook of what I’m talking about, with a simple caption saying if I recommend it or not, and for what type of person.

I’m also integrating other platforms, especially Spotify. It’s a great addition to my blog, as it allows for another opportunity for my audience to connect with me outside of my blog.

A key strategy for reaching audiences today is to “be in all places”, but I feel like having a “home base”, with supplementary social assets is the best route.

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