• Process Post

    Process Post #11

    Comments are a big part of the online world. Nowadays most online influencers are sharing how they deal with the hate, and how they try their best not to read the comments. The commonplace understanding that comment sections are terrible comes from the excessive amounts of hate there is online. I feel like it’s very hard to avoid hate online, as there is always someone who has something negative to say. It often feels like one hate comment outweighs all the positive ones. Meanwhile, I’ve heard people say that they try and focus on the good, rather than the bad. Comment sections can also be a positive place. Konnikova claims…

  • greys anatomy instagram post
    Process Post

    Process Post #10

    I mentioned a while back how I created an Instagram page. I wasn’t sure where my direction would go with that, but recently I’ve figured it out. I want my blog to be my main channel, but I want the Instagram page to reinforce it, and be used as a different outlet to showcase similar content. I’m aiming to make a blog post about a specific topic, and then make an Instagram post that visually captures what I wrote about. It’s a different form of expression that I’ve been enjoying. For example, I made a blog post about the show Grey’s Anatomy, and I made a post on my Instagram…

  • google analytics
    Process Post

    Process Post #9

    I added Google Analytics to my blog! Google Analytics provides comprehensive insights that empower creators to make data-driven decisions for their blogs. By leveraging these analytics, you can optimize content, enhance user experience, and implement strategies that align with the preferences of your audience. While there are many different things Google Analytics tracks, there are a few that stand out for me. The first is which pages and blog posts are the most popular. This insight would help me identify the content that resonates most with your audience, allowing me to create more of what they enjoy. To add to this, I want to see where my blog traffic is…

  • monetization
    Process Post

    Process Post #8

    Trevor came in this week to talk about marketing and monetization. Shout out to Trevor, he is the best. What I found interesting was the segment at the end, when he looked at our websites and told us ideas of how we can make money from it. This got me thinking… How would I make money off my site? I didn’t have to think too hard because I quickly realized that there were many things I could do, very similar to the influencers I know and love. Affiliate Marketing: Sponsored Content: Ad Revenue: Product Giveaways and Contests: Sell Merchandise: Membership or Subscription: Consulting Services: Subscription Boxes or Curated Lists: Event…

  • Peer Reviews

    Peer Review 3

    https://sofialoaizaunveiled.com/ Reviews Unveiled – Colombia in the Spotlight: Startups Edition was a refreshing blog to read. The website is a testament to the dedication of a Colombian student at SFU who is on a mission to shine a spotlight on the fashion startup scene in Colombia. The strength of Reviews Unveiled lies in its compelling content. The narrative showcases hardworking Colombian entrepreneurs, embodying their passion and creativity. The personal touch provided by Sofia, who proudly owns products from nearly all the featured brands, adds authenticity and credibility to the reviews. Each brand is introduced with a detailed background, highlighting their story and how they came to be. The content not…

  • spotify wrapped 2023

    Spotify Wrapped 2023

    Dear Diary, It’s the end of the year, and you know what that means. Spotify wrapped comes out of course and everyone starts posting it on their social media stories as if people care. However, I KNOW all of you care!! I’m going to be doing a deep dive into mine and review what Spotify made for me. Disclaimer: My best friend Paige shares my Spotify with me, so that is why some things are a bit skewed. We do have very similar music tastes, but she does have an odd emo side that comes out on Spotify sometimes. Let’s start with top artists. Honestly, these are pretty accurate. Drake…

  • Essay

    Embracing the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Education

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing education, offering extraordinary opportunities for students in a rapidly changing technological world. However, despite its potential benefits, some educational institutions have chosen to ban or heavily regulate the use of AI tools like ChatGPT or DALL-E due to concerns about their impact on traditional learning methods. This essay explores the perspective that AI, rather than being a threat, should be embraced in education, advocating for the responsible use of AI tools and highlighting the potential benefits they bring to students and teachers.  To begin, Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIEd) offers improved learning for all types of people, including teachers. AIEd isn’t aimed to replace teachers,…

  • Peer Reviews

    Peer Review #2

    https://fuelingyourtwenties.com/ Eva’s website is “Fueling Your Twenties”, a guide to fitness and nutrition. As a platform dedicated to guiding readers through the complex world of fitness, the website has a sense of freshness and enthusiasm that is both engaging and motivating. The theme is very simple and easy on the eyes. I really love the header, as it is a great representation of a girl navigating the fitness world. The typography on the website is both aesthetically pleasing and highly readable. The choice of fonts is well thought out, ensuring that the content is easily digestible while maintaining a friendly and approachable tone. Headings and body text are appropriately sized,…

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