• spotify wrapped 2023

    Spotify Wrapped 2023

    Dear Diary, It’s the end of the year, and you know what that means. Spotify wrapped comes out of course and everyone starts posting it on their social media stories as if people care. However, I KNOW all of you care!! I’m going to be doing a deep dive into mine and review what Spotify made for me. Disclaimer: My best friend Paige shares my Spotify with me, so that is why some things are a bit skewed. We do have very similar music tastes, but she does have an odd emo side that comes out on Spotify sometimes. Let’s start with top artists. Honestly, these are pretty accurate. Drake…

  • drake's it's all a blur tour cover

    Drake: It’s All A Blur Tour

    Dear Diary, I love Drake! He is one of my favourite artists. I went to his Scorpion Tour and had the best time and since then, he has come out with many more albums. So when It’s All A Blur got announced, I was dying to go. But then, tickets sold out in 1 minute and the resales were INSANE. I thought it wasn’t going to happen for me and I was crushed. But then, his first show got cancelled, causing chaos in Vancouver. This meant that some people weren’t able to go to the now rescheduled show on Wednesday. One of those unlucky people was my friend and he…

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