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Process Post

Process Post #1

To start on my blog, I had to choose a theme. It was really hard for me to decide which one, especially because of each template’s limitations. I liked the style of many “blog” themes such as “Glowing Blog”, however, it wasn’t allowing me to have the header I wanted. I ultimately decided on the Ashe theme because it allowed me to have the header I wanted, setting the feel for a digital diary. This theme allowed me to execute my blog most similarly to the version I had in my head. I added very clear menus with drop downs and made categories to organize my blog posts. I wanted it to be very personal, girly, and diary style. I want every post to start with “dear diary” and feel like an inside scoop into my life. Adding kisses into the theme felt like the girly touch I needed.

My vision board included many of my favourite things, so I felt like that was the direction my blog needed to go. There’s nothing better than talking about what interests you. I decided to talk about a selection of these topics and write all my thoughts about them. This vision board inspired me to take what I love and make something out of it. I soon realized that I am a very opinionated person. Okay, maybe I already knew that, but I realized that I should put it into good use. Good and bad thoughts are always coming to mind, no matter what I do. From my trip to Starbucks, to the concert I just went to, I am judging the entire experience. I am the person to write an essay for a feedback survey, because I always have things I need to get off my chest. I always feel a lot. I have emotions and opinions, and while that may be discouraged, I think it’s a strong suit. Sometimes I may need to keep it in, but in this case, I will be letting as much of it out as I can.

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