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Drake: It’s All A Blur Tour

Dear Diary,

I love Drake! He is one of my favourite artists. I went to his Scorpion Tour and had the best time and since then, he has come out with many more albums. So when It’s All A Blur got announced, I was dying to go. But then, tickets sold out in 1 minute and the resales were INSANE. I thought it wasn’t going to happen for me and I was crushed. But then, his first show got cancelled, causing chaos in Vancouver. This meant that some people weren’t able to go to the now rescheduled show on Wednesday. One of those unlucky people was my friend and he ended up selling me the tickets for an actual reasonable price. So the odds worked in my favour and I got to see Drake.

Music: Of course, Drake slayed. However, I did see the setlist beforehand and noticed that there were barely any Certified Lover Boy songs on there and that’s my favourite album. That was a bit disappointing but I knew what I was getting into. Fans were saying that Drake has been singing his songs differently than how they were recorded, throwing people off. I actually did notice this. It wasn’t a dramatic difference but I did find myself struggling to sing along at times when he was doing this. He was singing all cursive, changing the tempo, and it made it hard to follow along.

Other artists: Zack Bia opened and that was a fun time. Also, 21 Savage wasn’t allowed into Canada then, so he brought Travis Scott to sing with him. I feel like everyone went crazy for this. I have seen Travis already and he doesn’t sound so good live so I wasn’t too excited for this. However, it was a very cool experience seeing them perform their songs together. I really stan Drake for bringing someone huge like Travis since we couldn’t get 21 Savage.

Atmosphere/Crowd Engagement: I think Drake does a great job at engaging with the crowd. He does a great amount of talking to the audience and making them feel special. I love when artists talk about the city they are in. Drake’s Canadian so obviously he knew what to say. The atmosphere was great and the new big screen at Roger’s Arena really made it. I don’t know if it was worth rescheduling the show.. but it looked good. That screen was also filming the crowd which really made it fun.

Performance: He has a great stage presence and I felt like the stage was always very eye-catching and entertaining. It wasn’t just him on an empty stage, it was full of many elements and exciting things all over.

Overall experience: I would recommend it !! My seats were in the Upper Bowl and I still felt like I had a great view. It was very fun and if you are a fan, you will enjoy it.

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