spotify wrapped 2023

Spotify Wrapped 2023

Dear Diary,

It’s the end of the year, and you know what that means. Spotify wrapped comes out of course and everyone starts posting it on their social media stories as if people care. However, I KNOW all of you care!! I’m going to be doing a deep dive into mine and review what Spotify made for me.

Disclaimer: My best friend Paige shares my Spotify with me, so that is why some things are a bit skewed. We do have very similar music tastes, but she does have an odd emo side that comes out on Spotify sometimes.

Let’s start with top artists. Honestly, these are pretty accurate. Drake is #1… we love Drake here. If you want to read about my experience at his concert, press the link below.

Especially with the hype of going to his concert, it makes sense he takes the #1 spot. Paige literally went to his concert twice. We love him always, but it’s been hard for him to surpass our #1 spot in the past. He took what was his this year 🔥🔥🔥.

Next, we have Taylor Swift. We are OG fans and have been to her Red and 1989 concerts in the past. However, these days I have been more of a Folklore and Evermore girly. With the takeover of Taylor’s music this year and the Eras Tour, we have been listening to a larger variety of Taylor. Each Taylor’s Version that came out was played heavilyyy.

3rd place comes SZA. THIS YEAR I FELL IN LOVE WITH SZA. My R&B Queen. The SOS album changed my life. No joke I listen to this every day STILL. IT HITS EVERY TIME, I CAN’T FIND SOMETHING LIKE IT. This album is genuinely everything and I’m surprised all my top songs aren’t SZA songs because of how much I listened to this album. I had to miss her concert because of cheer practice… and this does in fact keep me up at night.

4th spot goes to The Weeknd. Our usual front runner. I think he was our #1 spot for the last 8 years. While he wasn’t my #1 on Spotify this year, he’s still #1 in my heart. It feels like I’m cheating on him… I’M SORRY ABEL.

Lastly, we have Brent Faiyaz. BRENT ❤️. I think he was higher up last year, but he’s still here. Can never go wrong with some Brent.

Now, onto top songs. This is where I feel like it gets inaccurate. I normally have a nice chat with Paige and question her about all these selections. “Did you really listen to this the most???”. Either she’s lying or Spotify is lying.

The number one is “Would I Lie To You?” by Charles and Eddie. Genuinely what is this? So many questions. THIS IS ALL PAIGE. She becomes obsessed with the most random songs. POINT PROVEN WITH THIS ONE. This song is not our usual vibe at all. Kinda catchy, but not catchy enough to be played 136 times.

Next is “What You Heard” by Sonder (Brent’s band). Yessss this eats every time.

Then, we have Low by SZA. Interesting how this song was played more than all the others. 10/10 though I respect it.

Number 4 is Search and Rescue. Of all Drake songs you’re telling me this is in here. WHAT. There’s no way??

Last, we have Care by Sonder. Another Sonder song that you can’t go wrong with.

Overall, the question comes down to, is it Paige or is it Spotify?

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