Peer Reviews

Peer Review #1

Maddy’s blog is very simple and clean. I love this look but I feel like it’s a bit plain and it could have more added to it to make it stand out more! Adding some features and dimensions to the design will make it more appealing. I love the logo and how it matches the aesthetic of the blog. She has great drop downs for her menus and it helps organize her site well.

Her first fashion post about trench coats is my favourite. I love the language and tone she uses as it is very engaging and personal. I also think it was a great touch to add a fall trench coat guide and include many examples and photos. It is very clear and easy to look at. It would be great to see more like this. The pictures she chose match the clean aesthetic she is embodying, going well with the post and the blog in general. The writing is clear, carefully edited and free of typos.

Her restaurant review was also great! The way she describes the flavours was so entertaining and informative. However, I was left thinking there needed to be more. There is room for a more detailed exploration of the dining experience. Readers might appreciate a deeper dive into the restaurant’s ambiance and the specifics of the menu. Providing more in-depth insights would transform the review into a comprehensive guide for potential diners.

I love how she added her food Instagram account! This adds to her blog and is a great display of content on another platform. A recommendation would be adding some more social media to her page. 

The picture of her with the write-up is a great introduction on the homepage. An “about” section offering insights into her background, interests, and motivations could further connect readers with the author, fostering a more personal and intimate connection. Additionally, the choice of music on the site provides a glimpse into her personality and complements her overall vibe.

In terms of accessibility, navigating Maddy’s blog is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. However, infusing the site with a more distinctive character while maintaining its simplicity could enhance the overall appeal. Enhancing the design with unique features and dimensions could help the blog stand out and leave a lasting impression. Maddy’s logo is a wonderful example of how she pays attention to detail, maintaining consistency with the overall aesthetic of the site.

Hollenbaugh’s article, “Self-Presentation in Social Media: Review and Research Opportunities” highlights social media’s limitless opportunities for strategic self-presentation. Self presentation is goal-directed and is for a specific audience, and I feel like Maddy’s blog excels at this. The targeted audience is clear, and her online presence articulates who she is well. The blog can cater to a broad age range from teens, young adults and millennials to older individuals interested in staying fashionable and exploring new culinary experiences. It is for individuals who appreciate the intersection of fashion, food, and culture. For example, people seeking fashion inspiration for various occasions, or people looking for a new restaurant for their next night out.

She has a very clearly articulated online-self and it will only continue to be more clear as the site develops. The impressions people leave online will follow them throughout their lives, which is why self-presentation is so important on social media.

Suler’s article, “The Online Disinhibition Effect”, talks about how people do and say things that they normally wouldn’t offline. They often express themselves more openly and feel less restrained since it ins’t face-to-face. I think Maddy has an opportunity to be even more open with her viewers and give more comprehensive reviews. She should take the extra step, be vulnerable and not have any restraints when sharing her thoughts on fashion and food.

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