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Dear Diary,

(This section is Spoiler-free)

It’s time to talk about one of my favourite shows. It’s a little concerning how many times I’ve rewatched this show. I’m not even kidding I think it’s been at least 6 or 7 times. It’s even more alarming because of how many seasons there are. There are now 20 seasons! This is insane and way too much. Yes, I love the show, but all good things come to an end.

GREY’S ANATOMY is a hospital-set dramedy that starts by following the lives of five interns, including Meredith Grey, as they adjust to their new surroundings at Seattle Grace Hospital. As TV’s longest-running primetime medical drama, the show evolves to include other medical professionals as main characters navigate the ups and downs of their professional and personal lives.

Grey’s was once an amazing thing and now the show is not the same. They ruined character development, got rid of the best characters, and now have stupid storylines. I would say it started going downhill after season 9… and then it continued to have something terrible happen for the rest of the seasons to come.

But in Grey’s prime, it was unreal. You’ll fall in love with the storylines of the doctors and their patients. I’ve cried too many times watching this show. I’ll know what’s going to happen and I’ll still cry. There is always something crazy happening and it never fails to keep you entertained.

Overall, the show is amazing.. up until a certain point. I’d recommend watching its prime and you will get attached like I did. The show leaves you laughing, heartbroken and questioning your own life.

(Spoilers below)


Season 8 finale: Mark and Lexie die … MY FAVOURITE COUPLE

Season 10: Cristina leaves … THE BEST CHARACTER


Season 12: Callie leaves … SEE YA

Season 13: Nobody important leaves thank god!

Season 14: Arizona and April leave … OH MORE

Season 15: A little break before the next departure…

Season 16: Alex leaves … THIS ONE I THOUGHT WAS A JOKE

(now u can stop watching)

I watched more because I was invested and there were a few characters I cared about. However, nothing special happened other than an awful season portraying Covid, and the only good moments were when Meredith was hallucinating ALL HER DEAD FAMILY AND FRIENDS SINCE THE SHOW LIKES KILLING EVERYONE OFF. Even with that… it didn’t give as much as I wanted it to give.

Some departures made sense, and others didn’t. Cristina leaving to go run a hospital in Switzerland made sense. Alex leaving because he randomly had kids with Izzie, MADE ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE AT ALL AND LOOKED LIKE IT WAS WRITTEN BY A MORON. That was so out of character for him to do that. TO LEAVE AND LEAVE LETTERS?? NO GOODBYE?? I’m sorry but Alex would never do such a thing and I couldn’t think of a worse exit. Just kill him off instead of writing some terrible ending for him. Thanks Shonda for destroying a good thing. THE ONLY GOOD THING LEFT.

I’m going to throw out all my random opinions:

  • Meredith is not my favourite character. She’s so dark and twisty and it gets OLD
  • They ruined Bailey’s character, she used to be my FAVOURITE
  • I used to hate Callie with George, WHY DID THAT HAPPEN?? But I loved Callie’s development and grew to like her
  • ARIZONA AND HER LEG PISSES ME OFF. I don’t know why she blamed Callie for saving her life
  • Team Arizona for the custody battle 100%
  • I hate Maggie, no explanation needed
  • I love Amelia, but her anti-marriage plot makes me sick
  • OWEN. TOO MANY THOUGHTS FOR THIS GUY. Just glad he finally got his kids.
  • Used to like Teddy, her and Henry were my roman empire. Can’t stand that girl now. Her cheating plot was terrible
  • I love Japril, but I also loved April with Matthew. He was too good for her and deserved better
  • Alex’s character development was top tier
  • Richard saying he was going to retire every season??
  • Derek and Meredith used to be it for me. The more I watch it, the more I see the toxicity. It really made me realize that you should never work with your significant other. I can see all the problems it can cause and honestly hate it. I also hated how Derek would be so rude to her and then next thing you know they are kissing? Absolutely not.

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