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Peer Review #2

Eva’s website is “Fueling Your Twenties”, a guide to fitness and nutrition. As a platform dedicated to guiding readers through the complex world of fitness, the website has a sense of freshness and enthusiasm that is both engaging and motivating. The theme is very simple and easy on the eyes. I really love the header, as it is a great representation of a girl navigating the fitness world.

The typography on the website is both aesthetically pleasing and highly readable. The choice of fonts is well thought out, ensuring that the content is easily digestible while maintaining a friendly and approachable tone. Headings and body text are appropriately sized, making the blog posts effortless to follow.

The layout of the website is intuitive and well-organized. Navigating through different sections and blog posts is seamless, thanks to a clear menu structure. There’s room to add a better balance between text and multimedia elements, such as images and videos, that will enhance the overall user experience. The post about activewear has a great use of links, however, it could use some visuals directly on that page to be more visually appealing. Especially since this post is talking about specific activewear pieces, adding visual elements will gain users’ attention. Even adding a featured image would help engage people to click on this content. I love the use of videos for posts, but I feel like all the other posts need at least one image attached to them!

She could really benefit from social media integration, as there aren’t any accounts linked on her page. Especially being a fitness page, there are so many opportunities for this! If I were her, I would use Instagram to my advantage, as it’s a very well-used platform for fitness and nutrition. TikTok or Reels would also be great for making engaging content, and Spotify could be used if she was to make a post about her workout playlist! I’d recommend integrating social media accounts into the site, as well as adding a “contact” section where users can find her social media accounts easily.

The site’s structure is logically organized, with categories and tags effectively sorting the content between weekly posts and posiel posts. She has a great use of hashtags on her website. An opportunity would be possibly creating some more organization or menus to separate weekly post content. Users would be able to navigate specific topics of interest, enabling them to find relevant information tailored to what they are looking for in their fitness goals.

One of the standout features is its user-friendly interface. The website loads quickly, ensuring a smooth browsing experience for visitors. The responsive design adapts seamlessly to different devices and screen sizes, enhancing accessibility for users accessing the blog from smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers. The inclusion of a search bar further enhances user experience, allowing for quick and precise content searches.

While I appreciate the simple design, I do think the site needs more images and graphics. It would also be a good idea to add more into the footer for a more equally distributed look. Overall, I love the website and she’s done a great job at reaching her target audience.

Harwell and Menn in, “Harvard is shutting down project that studied social media misinformation” , talk about the spread of misinformation on social media. Fitness and nutrition is a topic full of different thoughts and opinions. It’s an area where people believe in different things than others, and it can get messy on which is best. In the context of fitness and nutrition, misinformation can be particularly harmful. Incorrect advice on workout routines, diet plans, supplements, and weight loss strategies can lead to ineffective or even dangerous practices. For example, unqualified individuals might promote extreme diets or unproven supplements, leading vulnerable individuals to adopt unhealthy eating habits or waste their money on products that offer no real benefits. Additionally, misinformation about exercise techniques can result in injuries, setbacks, and frustration for those trying to improve their fitness levels. I’d recommend keeping this in mind when sharing about these topics!

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