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Love & Other Words

(Spoiler Free)

Christina LaurenRomance⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dear Diary,

The trope is childhood friends to lovers and second chance romance. I loveee second chance romance, IDK IT MAKES ME EMOTIONAL. I’m always rooting for them so hard!!

This story is about Elliot and Macy who started out as best friends, sharing their love of books. But one devastating night drove them apart. They meet again as adults, but things are much different, with leftover baggage between them. Can they find their way back to each other?

This book was very sweet and cute. I love a good young love romance, but I was cringing at most of the smut involved. I normally don’t like smut in general, but younger smut is even worse for me. Honestly had to cover my eyes and skip over some parts because no thanks. I do feel like in their story it made sense, but it is not for me. Many moments felt cringe, but I felt like since they were so young, they had to be cringe. It’s okay I will be skimming it and pretending I didn’t see anything ❤️.

I loved the alternating timelines because it made me so connected to the characters. It allowed me to get to know them and their relationship at a deeper level. I was so invested in both of the timelines and was dying for them to reconnect in the present timeline. I was rooting for them to find their way back to each other against all odds.

Elliot is such a boyfriend. I am obsessed with him. I love how he is a book-loving nerd. Everyone needs an Elliot.

I was waiting the whole book to find out what happened between Macy and Elliot!! The book’s end honestly shocked me, and I never expected it to happen. I wish they explored what happened more as this was a huge moment. I felt like it was brushed off and never addressed fully. Even with this miss, I feel like it did come together at the end.

“Why cant everyone be like you?”

Macy Sorenson

“I can be enough of your world that it feels like everyone is”

Elliot Petropoulos

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