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Daisy Jones & The Six

(Spoiler Free)

Taylor Jenkins ReidLiterary Fiction
Historical Fiction

Dear Diary,

The book is about the fictional Daisy Jones and the Six, a rock band that rose to fame in the ’70s, and features interviews with members of the band, their friends, families and colleagues. Through the interviews, readers discover the secrets that led to the band’s end.

This book was very hyped up and anticipated for me. My favourite book influencers gave it 5 stars, which made me want to give it 5 stars. Unfortunately, I didn’t love this. I WANTED TO SO BAD. Don’t hate me. I enjoyed the story, but I didn’t connect with the characters like I wanted to.

The way the book is written in interview form was interesting, I haven’t read something like it. I believe this book is literary fiction, and that is usually a genre I don’t often enjoy. It felt so much about drugs and rock and roll and I was just waiting for the romance. When are they going to get together?? Why is nothing happening?? GIVE ME SOMETHING TO HOLD ONTO. Like I waiting this whole time for absolutely nothing to happen between them?? IDK maybe thats the beauty in it, but I wasn’t feeling it. I wasn’t wanting to pick up and read it. The only thing getting me through was the idea that something big was going to happen. I thought they were building up to something crazy, but I was in fact wrong. Although, I wasn’t dying to continue reading, I could appreciate the beauty in this story. I can see the love people have for it. It is very unique! I loved how the women in this book are so powerful and dynamic. I also loved how they explored addiction and really gave a true reality of how it can be. I also just didn’t like Daisy in the book. Sue me.

After I finished, I found out there was a new TV show about it, and I had to watch. This show changed the game for me. Check out my blog post all about it to hear more.

“I had absolutely no interest in being somebody else’s muse. I am not the muse. I am the somebody.”

Daisy Jones

“But when Camila answered, it was like laying down in bed after a long day.”

Billy Dunne

“I’d believe your soulmate was somebody who had all the things you didn’t, that needed all the things you had.”

Karen Sirko

“People say it’s hard to be away from the people you love but it was so hard to be right next to him”

Daisy Jones

“Everything I loved about the world, Daisy loved about the world. Everything I struggled with, Daisy struggled with. We were two halves. We were the same. In the way that you’re only the same with a few other people. In the way that you don’t even feel like you have to say your own thoughts because you know the other person is already thinking them.”

Billy Dunne

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