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Process Post

Process Post #2

This week I initiated a social media platform to help my online presence. I decided Instagram would be the best one for my diary style blog and the username is @mydigitallldiary. I also added the rest of my personal social media accounts onto the blog under “Contact” and as well on the top menu. I added my Spotify, Goodreads, and Pinterest.

To add, after reading “How I Got My Attention Back” by Craig Mod, his experiences really resonated with me. “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone,” wrote Blaise Pascal. In other words, we constantly need to be putting our attention somewhere, now that we have phones with us at all times. We aren’t able to sit in silence, we need to be busy on our phones. There is now always something to be doing and it is honestly sad. Whenever I am out in public, everyone is on their phones. I don’t see anyone sitting and looking out the window. I see people out with friends or family and they are in silence on their phones. I see people “watching movies” or “watching a sports game”, yet they are on their phones for the majority of the time. People aren’t present anymore. They are living through screens and need to be putting their attention into it. I struggle with this immensely. I have found myself always needing to have something playing. If I am getting ready for bed, I need something to be playing in the background. I also find myself always feeling the tendency to go on my phone. I have to fight the urge to not be on it and be present instead. It feels like a chore to be present and it’s something people need to focus on to get their attention back.

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