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Process Post #3

Setting up my website has been anything but easy. I felt very on my own, trying to teach myself how to navigate website curation. It was even more frustrating when the tutorials I was watching online weren’t aligning with my own screen. After being set on my theme, I had to work through adding content. This was my next big challenge as I couldn’t figure out how to get my posts to show up. I had no idea what plug-ins were and how important they would be on your website until I saw something about it online. I decided to give it a shot and I installed the WP Show Posts plug-in. This saved my life and finally allowed my posts to show up on my site. My headache was finally gone and my website was coming together.

In lecture we had to think about the groups we engage with and what the key aspect was that makes each. I have a couple of different groups in my life that I spend most of my time with. I have my high school friends and I have my newer friends I’ve met through work. I’ve found that I engage best with groups who have similar interests as me. However, as time has gone by, I feel like my interests have shifted than from what they were in high school. This can be challenging to navigate because sometimes, it’s hard to stay close with people who don’t have similar interests as you. There are cases where people have unique friendships where you can be opposites and still get along. Nonetheless, it is hard most of the time to bond with people who are different from you.

I first experienced this when I was growing up with my family friends. Once we got to that age where we didn’t just play anymore, and we had to talk, I realized we are actually very different and maybe don’t get along like we used to. It’s crazy because sometimes you grow with someone, and sometimes you outgrow them.

The audience I’ve been imagining for my blog has been a reflection of me. I’m picturing my friends being my audience, as I am trying to be open and share all my unapologetic thoughts. I want to be honest, and share all the advice that I would share with my friends. This has influenced my design choices because I’m trying to make my blog appear as how my diary would actually look like. I would say that this blog is a lot more pink and girly than I actually am. In real life, I’m more neutral than how this site is portrayed. However, I feel like I needed this style as more of a personal reflection of who I am on the inside. While I imagine my audience to be primarily females, it is truly for anyone. It’s mainly for people from Vancouver, as I’m reviewing many local places.

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