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Dear Diary,

My first book review was Daisy Jones & The Six so it’s only right to review the show next. I was obsessed with this show! It is very hard for movies and TV shows to match up to the book. Usually, the book is better. However, I honestly liked this more. I thought they did a really good job of portraying the book and making it come to life. Especially since this book is about a band, it was hard for me to get emotionally invested by just reading song lyrics. Actually hearing the songs and watching the performances got me INVESTED. I was in love with the Aurora album. I literally listen to it on my free time. My favourites are: Let Me Down Easy, Look at Us Now (Honeycomb), Regret Me, and The River.

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Of course, I was comparing the book to the movie so I noticed when they changed things. One thing I wasn’t happy about was when they cut Camila and Daisy’s conversation about how Daisy should leave the band. This doesn’t happen and instead, Simone sends Daisy to rehab. I felt like that conversation needed to be shown because it was really moving how Camila was able to say all that to Daisy, knowing how her and Billy feel for eachother.

I feel like Daisy was so much more likeable in the show. In the book, her drug addiction consumed her character. I felt like in the show we got to see more sides of her and witness her charisma.

I am obsessed with Karen and Graham! One of my favourite moments in the book is when Karen calls Graham on the phone and says “How come you’ve never made a move on me?” and next thing you know “I have never run anywhere faster than down that hall to her room”. AMAZING. In the show, it plays out differently. Karen is jealous of Graham’s girlfriend and they sleep together in the heat of the moment. In the book, they keep their romance a secret for as long as possible, but in the show she tells the band when she gets fed up with their teasing about his disinterest in groupies. Honestly, I loved watching her get jealous after witnessing Graham and his girlfriend, but I also would’ve liked to see the original.

There was also an Eddie and Camila romance plot in the show and why did I love it?? At first, I thought this wasn’t like Camila’s character as she was portrayed as this perfect girl in the book. I soon realized that this was a moment where she felt so unseen and unloved and it was essential in taking her power back. I felt like it did make sense and it made her seem more real. It also added to Eddie’s resentment of Billy.

“There were just so many secrets. I think I just needed one of my own.”

Camila Dunne

ALSO. The chemistry between Billy and Daisy was CRAZY. I could feel it through the screen. Sam and Riley as actors, blew me away. They also kissed in the show and didn’t in the book!!! Like thank youuuuu this is the romance I was needing. It just didn’t make sense for them not to kiss. With how far they let themselves get, to just pull away at the last second. Please. Don’t be acting like just because you didn’t kiss Daisy you’re innocent. GIVE US THE KISS WE ARE WANTING. And the show delivered.

Overall, I feel like the changes in the show made it very interesting to engage with. It added to the story, and also honoured the story very well.

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